Sports are some of the greatest endeavors of humankind. Sports and the drama of individual pursuit or team competition draws us into the tumultuous emotions associated with the exuberance of victory or the tragedy of defeat.

Tyler James

Age: 15
Home Town: Solana Beach, CA
Favorite Sport:Surfing
Local Break: 15th Street Del Mar

What does RUE mean to you? RUE is more than just sick gear, they remind me to be ready for whatever comes my way.

Are You Ready for a Surf Contest? I ask God to help me focus on my surfing and not the competition. I study the wave and determine my position in the line-up. I visualize my maneuvers – entry, action, recovery.

Are You Ready to navigate High School? I pick my inner circle of friends carefully. I decide what to do in sticky situations before getting into them. I involve myself in Campus Clubs – YoungLife and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) I choose to be a Follower of Jesus!