After Eden

The name After Eden was chosen to serve as a reminder of our most basic calling as god's children, to worship the Creator. God created this planet for us to walk openly and commune with Him. After Eden has been playing and leading worship togther as a band since 2009. Mike Clark began his ministry in worship in 2007. From there he met Kory Maine (Drums) and Dan Elliot (Electric Guitar). They played together for years as The Mike Clark Band until 2009 when they were joined by Mike McGill (Bass)

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Attention Christian Artists

Our God given senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing speak of a Creator who wanted us to enjoy His creation to the fullest.

The gift of music which praises our Creator has inspired us for thousands of years. The sensation begins through our ears but can resonate with us to our core and create instant recall of how all four other senses came alive at the time.

The gift continues today created by those souls divinely equipped to convey His glory through their unique musical talents.

RUE is interested in promoting such music and welcomes artists to speak to the concept of readiness through all musical modalities.