Serving Others


“In Him, we live and move and have our being . . . “

Jesus was the ultimate servant. Jesus has shown us the way to everlasting life. His way exhibited the benchmarks for what true self-sacrifice meant even to the cross and death.

Besides the cross, one of the most dramatic examples of servanthood and selflessness ever demonstrated was at the Last Supper where Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. Aside from the human details of filthy, caloused feet in open toed sandals with days or weeks of dirt and mud caked onto them and not prone to an easy clean, the Creator of the universe showed us what real service looks like by bending down and washing those filthy, dirty feet.

We at RUE believe that any successful Christian walk incorporates a heart of service.

We live in a world with vast numbers of human beings suffering through every day barely sustaining their existence. For those of us fortunate enough to give back, we are reminded that to whom much is given, much is required. To be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ is both glorious and humbling. Let us do what we are called to do as taught by the Master.

The Company support’s several ministry endeavors and are always looking for examples where Christians are the hands and feet of Christ!

Hope Leadership Foundation

Hope Leadership Foundation, Is a Christ centered youth ministry working within the San Diego Unified School District. HLF's goal is to help kids from kindergarten through college succeed in life by means of mentorship in educational support, arts, sports and recreation and spiritual development

Help Hattie Help Others

H30 represents Help Hattie Help Others...Hattie is our middle daughter who went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ at 10 months old. We were helped by so many during this time that our family wanted to give back. The H30 Foundation is part of the giving. The H30 Foundation's purpose is to aid and support children and families in need with an emphasis in church and ministry outreach. We accomplish this by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and action, offering assistance to those who have been affected by disease, death, war, neglect, poverty and/or lack of education. We lead children and their families to the way of salvation and righteousness and promote fellowship among the Body of Christ.


Miqlat, the Hebrew word meaning “place of refuge”, is the name chosen to express both the call and function of our ministry. American Christians set out on short term mission trips to bring the love of Jesus Christ, our refuge and hope, to the people of rural Africa, and they also experience Him as their refuge and hope in a new way. ("The Lord is a refuge..." Ps. 9:9)